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Meet Tom Mabe. Tom was an ordinary man in every sense of the word. He had a loving wife, two children, a mortgage and a prostate condition.

Newly self-employed and working from home, Tom would jump with excitement each time the phone rang.

It wasn't long, however, before Tom learned to loathe the ringing of the phone because of that most dreaded of annoyances.


They would call all the time -- during dinner, nap-time, and family-time.

Finally, he had enough. He decided to mess with the minds of the people who would call trying to sell him carpet cleaning services. "What is your fee for removing human blood stains?"

Armed with a quick wit, a tape recorder and a Volkswagen Beetle in the shape of a telephone, Tom is out to get REVENGE ON THE TELEMARKETERS!

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Revenge on the Telemarketers, Round Two

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Revenge on the Telemarketers, Round Two

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